Resolving Ghostscript Errors in Vault

All versions of Vault on all platforms make use of the Ghostscript libraries.
I'm seeing the following Ghostscript related errors in the Vault render log.  How does Ghostscript work with Vault?  What do Ghostscript related errors mean?

11:03:00 <render1> Error: /undefined in --run-- 
11:03:00 <render1> Operand stack: 
11:03:00 <render1> --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:11/20(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- --dict:10/11(ro)(L)-- -- 
11:03:00 <render1> Execution stack: 
11:03:00 <render1> %interp_exit .runexec2 --nostringval-- --nostringval-- --nostringval-- 2 %stopped_push --nostringval-- --nostringval-- --nostringval-- false 1 %stopped_push 1905 54 4 %oparray_pop 1904 54 4 %oparray_pop --nostringval-- 
11:03:00 <render1> Dictionary stack: 
11:03:00 <render1> --dict:1159/1684(ro)(G)-- --dict:0/20(G)-- --dict:115/200(L)-- 
11:03:00 <render1> Current allocation mode is local 
11:03:00 <render1> Last OS error: No such file or directory 
11:03:00 <render1> ERROR 97002: unable to start Ghostscript, code [-100] 

Causes will vary based on the specific error message obtained, but in general it's worth knowing that whenever a Postscript document is viewed in the Vault client or rendered as PDF, Vault calls Ghostscript.

Ghostscript automatically gets installed  along with Vault.

A common problem is that the version of Ghostscript bundled with Vault may not be compatible with the specific postscript document being viewed.  In this case it may be possible to manually update Ghostscript to a later version.  Contact technical support for help with this.

Sometimes the Postscript file is missing fonts or images and this can cause a Ghostscript related error.

Sometimes the resource set used by the job is incomplete or missing, and can cause a Ghostscript related error.

Sometimes the Postscript file is referencing a path that does not exist.
UPDATED:  June 17, 2019