Improving the PDF quality rendered from EngageOne Vault

When a PDF is rendered from EngageOne vault, characters in the PDF are rendered as a vector image. By replacing images with the font will improve the size and quality of rendered PDF.

Steps to substitute font in EngageOne Vault: 
  1. Use Fileinfo (This file utility available at a location: Installation Directory\Server\tools) to determine what resource set the document is using.  For example: Fileinfo <..>/Server/DocData/xyz.drd
  2. In command prompt change path to resource set directory: Installation Directory/server/distrib/<resourceset>    
  3. Execute afpsubstitute > fonts.ini
  4. Copy fonts.ini to Server/render/<resourceset> directory.
  5. Restart all render and router services.
  6. Render the document to PDF and examine the results.
UPDATED:  December 20, 2019