How to use Event triggered execution in Portrait Dialog

Product : Portrait Dialog 5.1, 5.2
Product Feature: Dialog Admin

Here is a simple example "Event is generated when a customer logs in to a questionnaire using a username and password" 
  1. Create a Dialog that will send an email
  2. Add a move operation which uses the customer has logged on event trigger as shown below in screenshot
User-added image
 3. Create an Email template with a link to a questionnaire. The URL type should be Identified Response using login.
User-added image
 4. Run the Email dialog and then click on the questionnaire URL in one of the sent emails.
 5. Logon using username and password (This is defined at the Dialog Admin Level)
User-added image
(Here is the configuration for setting up customer logins)
User-added image

 6. Event will be triggered in dialog.
UPDATED:  October 26, 2017