How to create a drillhole section in MapInfo Discover

Product affected: MapInfo Discover

1. Select Discover > Drillholes > Project Manager (32-bit) or DRILLHOLES > Open Project (64-bit).
2. Select a Drillhole Project then click the Open button.

3. Create a section line in the Cosmetic layer or SectionLines_project layer by making the layer editable and drawing a line across the desired drillhole(s) using the Line tool.
4. Using the Select tool, select the line for create a section for.

User-added image

5. Navigate to Drillholes > Define New Section or Plan (32bit) or Drillholes > Generate Sections (64-bit).

6. Select Section as the Display Type.

User-added image

7. Under Output, name the Section as desired. 
8. Under Selection Envelope, select Manual (select Table if using section lines within SectionLines_project table).

9. Under Select Collars to Display, ensure the desired drillhole(s) are selected.
10. Click Generate to create the drillhole section. Example output below:

User-added image


UPDATED:  October 28, 2019