Detecting if email sent has been opened/clicked in EngageOne Deliver

Follow these steps:
  1. The outbound profile created to send an email should have "Insert Message Beacon" enabled.
  2. In the '<EO_Deliver_Installed_Dir>\core.war\WEB-INF\classes\', introduce outbound.image.request.listener as below :

Here, <server> and <port> are placeholder for IP and port of Application server where EngageOne Deliver is listening. This URL must be a public URL.
  1. Restart the EngageOne Deliver Application Server. 
Message sent after following these steps, if opened/clicked through, is shown in the Report  'Sent(Global) -> Generate report(on Outbound Profile) ' in EngageOne Deliver UI.
UPDATED:  August 29, 2019