How Advanced Matching (AMT) process work in Sagent

Product Feature: Advanced Matcher Transform

AMT Matching process
Some guidance that is explained with example as follows:
The weighting is set as follow:
  1. Shop name: 40% (Fuzzy)
  2. Address line 1: 30% (Fuzzy)
  3. Address line 3(Suburb): 20% (Fuzzy)
  4. Postal Code: 10% (Zip)
  5. Threshold is set to 70% based on a Weighted Average
If we get a partial match(65% of the field matches) on shop name – do you give the apply the full 40% or will it be given the percentage partial match (65%*40%) = 26%
If we get no match for B = 0%
Full match = 20%
Full match = 10%
Do we add up all the percentages derived from A to D which is 56% and apply this to the 70% and as this is lower than the threshold it results in a no match situation?

If no weighting is applied and you use average do you effectively weigh each field equally? (If we take the above will all fields weigh 25%(A to D)?

The behaviour as per 2nd line is as follows:
The weighted average calculates the score as below:-

Shop Name score * 40% + Address Line 1 * 30% +Address line 3(Suburb) * 20% + Postal Code * 10%

The average calculates the score as below:-
Shop Name score * 25% + Address Line 1 * 25% +Address line 3(Suburb) * 25% + Postal Code * 25%
UPDATED:  December 1, 2017