Export/Import registry of Sagent hosted on a Non-Windows Operating system

There is a need to have Windows machine running any X-server Component (for example Xming) to export/import registry of Sagent running on another
Non-Windows operating. Follow these steps
  • Configure X-server component
  1. Set display using command (to be executed on Non-Widows box hosting Sagent Service)
  2. export DISPLAY=<IP Address of a machine where Xming is running>:<Xming active port number>. For example:
export DISPLAY=
  • Steps to export registry file
  1. Navigate to the "<Sagent installed directory>" location.
  2. Execute ".sagentrc" file to set environment using command . ./.sagentrc
  3. Navigate to the location "<Sagent installed directory>/mw/bin-sunos5_optimized"
  4. Export registry in file "TempFileName.reg" using command:  regedit -c -e TempFileName.reg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\Sagent\\DataMart
  5. Take backup of "TempfileName.reg".
  • Steps to Import registry file
  1. ./regedit -c TempfileName.reg
Restart Sagent DFS service is required for imported registry to take effect. User needs read, write and execute permission on the directory where Sagent resides, to perform below operations.
UPDATED:  September 6, 2019