How to export-import Sagent registry on AIX

Operating System: AIX

Steps to Export/Import Sagent registry on AIX box


  • Xming or any other X-server should be up and running on the windows machine where a display is to set.
  • Set display using command
export DISPLAY=<IP Address of a machine where xming is running>:<Xming active port number>


export DISPLAY=
  • User needs write and execute permission to perform operations.

Steps to Export registry

  1. Move to the "<Sagent installed directory>" location.
  2. Execute ".sagentrc" file to set environment using command . ./.sagentrc
  3. Navigate to the location "<Sagent installed directory>/mw/ bin-aix4_optimized"
  4. Export registry in file "TempFileName.reg" using command:  regedit -c -e TempFileName.reg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\Sagent\\DataMart
  5. Take backup of "TempfileName.reg".
  6. Made required changes to exported file.

Command to Import modified registry file

./regedit -c TempfileName.reg
Restart Sagent DFS service.

UPDATED:  March 27, 2017