How to run Discover under a Standard User account

Product affected: Discover™

Users can run Discover under a standard user account (non-administrator).

However they will need to change the Configuration and Temporary file directories to a Current User location.

To do this, go to Discover>Configuration>Settings and click on the button next to both the Configuration Files and Temporary Files. Then select the Current User option and click OK. Discover will attempt to copy any All User files to the Current User location when this is first created.

The advantage of this setting is that all settings and configuration will be preserved on install/uninstall and upgrades.

Note that any settings and configuration changes will only affect the current user of the computer (such as drillhole projects will only be available on a per-user account basis).

User-added image


Note: On Windows XP, users will still be unable to perform certain tasks, such as creating new Legends or Surface colour tables, unless they have write/modify permissions to the C:\Program Files\Encom\Common folder.

UPDATED:  September 21, 2017