Discover 3D View Manager and Map views extents for positions with multiple 3D maps

Products affected: Encom Discover™

The 3D View Manager dialog can be used in (button in the Zoom toolbar). This allows you to save a 3D view in one of the displays and then you can apply this same view to the other 3D display.

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To save a 3D view:
1. Make the first 3D display active and then click on the View Manager button in the toolbar.
2. Press the Add button in the 3D View Manager dialog that appears and the 3D view in the currently active 3D display will be recorded – you will need to call it something and enter a description (optional).

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To apply a 3D view:

3. Close down the 3D View Manager dialog and then make the 2nd 3D display window active.
4. Click on the View Manager button again to re-open this.
5. Highlight the saved view in the list of the 3D View Manager dialog and press the button for "Jump the view to selected list items view position" and the 3D display should update.

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UPDATED:  July 12, 2019