Transferring a license to a new machine in MapInfo Pro

MapInfo Pro™

Before transferring the license, take note of the MapInfo Pro Serial Number and Access Code found within MapInfo Professional by going to the menu:
For 32-bit versions of MapInfo Pro, go to Help>About
For 64-bit versions of MapInfo Pro, launch the app and go to Pro>About.

Take note of this serial number and access code which will be required when installing and activating on another machine.

1. On the original machine, within MapInfo Pro 64-bit, go to:
Pro>Licensing>Transfer a License
(For MapInfo Pro 32-bit, go to Help>Licensing>Transfer a License)
2. Click Yes when the dialog displays:
Transfer License Now?

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3. Select Automatic Transfer if the machine has an internet connection, otherwise select Email Transfer.

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4. Depending on the option selected above, follow one of the instructions listed:
  •     If Automatic Transfer was selected, after clicking Next, a connection will be made to the Pitney Bowes License Server to return the license.
  •     If Email Transfer was selected, after clicking Next, a dialog will prompt to save the TransferRequest.XML file.  Take note of the folder to where the file is being saved.
  •     Then create an email addressed to  Browse to the folder   where the TransferRequest.XML file was saved and attach the TransferRequest.XML file to the email.
  •     Send the email with the TransferRequest.XML file attached to to complete the manual transfer process.

After successfully transferring the license back to the Pitney Bowes Software License Server, the same Serial Number and Access Code recorded from the Pro>About menu can be used to install and  activate on the new machine provided that the same version is installed on the new machine.

NOTE:  The serial number must match the correct version being installed on the new machine.  To determine the serial number's product version, examine the first three numbers after the letters of the serial number.
Example:  MINWEU170xxxxxxx would be used to install version 17.0 of MapInfo Pro and will not work for any other version.

For a demonstration of these steps, please watch this video:

UPDATED:  December 2, 2019