Perfmon counter in window 2008 R2 for Sagent

Sagent DFS (Any Version)
Window 2008 R2

Perfmon counter in window 2008 R2

1)      Go to Run. Enter ‘perfmon’
2)      Move to ‘User Defined’ as shown in snapshot below
User-added image

3)      Right click and add ‘New’à Data Collector Set. As shown in below snapshot:-
User-added image
4)      Give the name of Data Collector set and select  as shown below:-
User-added image
5)      Select Process then select ‘sadcagnt’ under Instances of selected objects
User-added image
Add Handle Count, Private Bytes, Virtual Bytes and Virtual Bytes Peak

6)      Click OK , you will get below screen
User-added image
7)      Click next and provide the location to save the files
User-added image
8)      Click Next, then Finish
UPDATED:  February 9, 2015