Information on Spectrum:Database version compatibility

Products Affected:  Universal Addressing Module
Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade
Operating System: All

Version: 11.0, 11 SP1, 12.0, 12 SP1
The Universal Addressing Module US Subscription database version 10.0 should be used with these versions of Spectrum:
  • Spectrum 11.0 - all Service Packs
  • Spectrum 12.0 - all Service Packs
The DPV, LACS/Link, and SuiteLink databases are compatible with all supported versions of Spectrum.

The Universal Addressing Module Canadian Subscription database version 3.3.6 should be used with Spectrum 11.0. 

The Universal Addressing Module Enhanced International subscription version 5.8.0 should be used with Spectrum 11.0.
UPDATED:  April 9, 2018