How to create Armenian or other foreign language characters in a Designer Publication

Use the following steps to place the foreign language characters into the Publication:
  1. If you have a reference in the foreign language, you may simply copy/paste the text into a paragraph within the publication.
  2. If you have a reference in English, you may copy/paste the text into Google Translate ( and translate English to the target language.  Then copy/paste the target text into a paragraph within the publication.
  3. Once the text has been pasted within the publication, select the paragraph and use the menu item Tools>Set Language to set the language to one on the list.  Use "Unicode Language" if the target language does not appear on the list.
  4. Select the paragraph again and set the font to one that supports the foreign language (such as Arial Unicode MS).

Designer should now show the paragraph with the correct characters in the correct language.  Preview the publication to verify the foreign language shows the correct characters in PDF. 

If publishing the publication for AFP, make sure the Output Font Format is set to AFP Outline, as AFP Bitmap fonts are limited to 256 characters per font.
UPDATED:  May 2, 2017