Handling of colour images in AFP and PDF output from CMYK Images in EngageOne Designer\Generate

Product Feature: EngageOne® Designer
When using an RGB PNG file in the design, the colour match in the AFP output is not identical.

To rectify this, it is recommend that a full CMYK TIFF image is obtained from the supplier, with embedded ICC profiles.

During the publish job, the will need to ensure that the "Color management (Create CMR for embedded ICC profile)" option is checked.

Overview of handling of RGB/CMYK Image output:

For the PDF aspect, we document that all image types other than JPG will be converted to a BMP (which is RGB)

If you use anything other than a CMYK JPG in your design, then we will convert it to an RGB BMP in the PDF output.  So regardless of whether your PDF output device is set to RGB or CMYK, your image will always be RGB.

e.g. we should convert the TIFF to JPG so the colour integrity should be maintained.

If a CMYK Tiff has been used in the design for AFP output, then for absolute colour integrity, the option offered (and covered in the documentation) which is CMYK Tiff with embedded colour profile, but this will then only render correctly when it is printed on the machine from which the colour profile comes.

If using an external keyed image, then the FS45 would be passed directly through to the AFP output

For AFP output, for absolute colour integrity, a CMYK Tiff with an embedded colour profile should be used, but the colours could appear quite differently if viewed or printed on anything that does not have this profile active.

If a CMYK JPG is used, it should be passed through unchanged when the "preserve image colour space" option is checked.
We also claim that if a CMYK Tiff is used, we will convert that to a CMYK JPG, and again, it should pass through unchanged.

Attempting to view this in some windows utility is likely to generate incorrect colours.
UPDATED:  July 23, 2018