How do I transfer my Discover license to another computer?

This procedure requires you to have access to the destination computer.  If you are unsure of this see the Discover User Guide chapter 2 page 9 on transferring a License to park on the Encom license server.

1/. On the destination computer, ensure that the same version of Discover is installed as is present on the source computer.

2/. On the destination computer, launch MapInfo Pro/Discover, and select the Activate option when prompted. Make a note of the destination computer Hardware ID.

3/. On the source computer, launch MapInfo Pro/Discover and select the Discover>Discover Help>Licensing>License Manager menu option. 

When prompted, input the Hardware ID from the destination computer. Press Transfer, and note the Activation code provided.

4/. On the destination computer, input this activation code.

A detailed description of the license transfer procedure is provided in the Discover>Discover Help>Online Help menu option. It is also detailed in the Discover>Discover Help>Reference Manual, 
as well as the printed User Guide that accompanies the product
UPDATED:  November 20, 2017