Verifying the database expiration in CODE-1 Plus

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus
The method used to verify the expiration date of the US Postal database and DPV database in CODE-1 Plus will depend on the platform you are running.  If you bring up the interactive (G1CP transaction for z/OS; runonline for Unix; Matcher-Inquiry for windows; F8 from the Work With Jobs screen for IBMi), type DB on the command line to see the database expiration:

                          DB - Database Information

CODE-1 Plus software release 04.x mod 00 for the current CASS cycle expires
beginning 08/01/20xx.

CODE-1 Plus March 20xx database expires after 06/30/20xx.
There are 104 days remaining until this database expires.
DPV database vintage is 03/20xx.

If calling the C1MATCHx callable program from your own application, you can obtain the expiration date from field P9OMFD in the P9OUT copybook.

If you are executing the batch driver, C1BM00, the PRNTRPT report will show you the vintage of the database and you can calculate the expiration from the information in the attached schedule.

UPDATED:  June 4, 2019