When running Internal CASS in Verimove, are the "link" products required (DPV, LACSLink and Suitelink)?

Products Affected: Verimove
When running internal CASS in Verimove, DPV, LACSLink and Suitelink must be activated and their respective databases installed.  If you do not activate these features, you will get an error in your event.log:

06/18/20XX 12:35:57 E1524  File: VeriMove.cpp  Line: 179
    Validation Error: Delivery Point Validation (DPV) is required for all processing..
    + E1524  
        Validation Error: LACSLink is required for all processing.
    + E1524
        Validation Error: SuiteLink is required for all processing..
UPDATED:  June 25, 2019