Resolve the error when upgrading Spectrum: "There is not enough space on the disk"

Products affected: Spectrum™
To resolve this issue,  try to free up disk space equal to three times the size of the current Spectrum installation.
To determine the size of the current installation, look at the size of the folder where the Spectrum(TM) Technology Platform is installed.

If adding modules as part of the upgrade, users will need 3 GB to install all modules, (less if installing fewer modules).

2 GB to 3 GB of temp space for the installation is needed to extract the files, but more space may be needed, depending on the options being installed. If necessary, modify the TEMP environment variable to point to a location with sufficient  free space.

Note: If installing a module that uses a reference database, such as a postal database, geocoding database, or data normalization tables, space will be needed for this data. The total disk space varies, depending on what modules(s) and what database(s) are being installed.
UPDATED:  September 20, 2017