Installing a permanent license key for Spectrum

Products Affected:  Pitney Bowes Spectrum Technology Platform
Steps for installing a Spectrum permanent license .key file:
  1. Ensure the Spectrum server is running
  2. Move the .key file to the <SpectrumRoot>/server/app/import directory
  3. The key will be automatically installed from there. You do not need to restart the Spectrum services.
The Spectrum server monitors the server/app/import directory and consumes .key files seconds after they are added to the "import" directory.

A properly imported Spectrum .key will be added to the import/archive directory.  

Failed Spectrum .key imports will be moved to an import/error directory.

If the .key file is not moved, make sure that is not assigned the 'Read-Only' attribute.  The .key file requires read/write permissions.

UPDATED:  July 20, 2020