How to resolve issues related to variables designated as "not summable" in AnySite

Products affected: AnySite™ 
When creating Reports in Anysite, do NOT use any variables marked as "not summable", as these variables will not return correct data.
For every variable marked as "not summable", there is usually an equivalent variable that DOES return the correct data, and THAT variable should be used in Reports, etc.
If users open the AnySite Data dictionary and note the underlying formula's for the "Not Summable" variable, they will find that there is no underlying formula, while the equivalent "summable" variable does have an underlying formula.

(Regarding "population median age (not summable)", for example, this variable is sent to the Gadberry Group by PBS and this is used as the numerator in a formula to create a usable variable in AnySite called “population median age”. ) 
UPDATED:  September 20, 2017