Spell check in the EO Dictionary and Cursor issues in EO version 2.0.2

Product Feature: Interactive Correspondent 2.0.2

Operating System: zLinux

Database: Oracle 10G

Configuration: Not stated
The spell check function is not like the normal concept of the spell check:
If you want to add new word in EO Admin and when you do spell check, and to have the incorrect word to be replaced, you will need to add all the possible incorrect words with the correct word in the dictionary (please see the documentation if you need more explanation- EO Administration Guide version 2.0.2 page 43)

For example: If you want point-of-service to be the correct word, you will need to add all the possible words with point-of-service in the dictionary in EO Admin: (you don't just add one new word in the dictionary, you will add the word with the incorrect word to be replaced)
" point-of-service Point-of-Service"
" point-of-service poent-of-service "
" point-of-service point-of-survice "

Words added in the dictionary as additional words section in EO Admin will not be filled in suggestion dialog. This means if you add a word “point-of-service” in additional words section and mistype some word as “Point-of-Service”. During spell check in suggestion box there will be no “point-of-service”. All suggestions will be filled only from regular dictionary.

If you added a word in EO Admin, saved it and logged of EO Correspondent if you have it open. Closed all IE just to be precautious step, and login to EO Correspondent, the dictionary will be updated. You can also open “IPE Cache\speller\history.USA” file in notepad and search for newly added words, you will be able to see the newly added word. Sometimes this may happen while additional words added in dictionary on server, but the correspondent session is running and not terminated. Did you update the server in Admin while the Correspondent is running? Did you try to logoff the both Admin and Correspondent and log back in both so the dictionary is updated on the server.

Please also make sure that you clean the Speller cache manually i.e. delete all files from %Temp%"\IPE Cache\speller" folder.

For performance reason, the dictionary is not normally updated on the regular basis, so in order for new word to be updated, the way Active X Editor is designed to store/cache information when login. That is why we recommend to logoff and log back in to EO Correspondent.:
You can also manually find the IPE Cache\speller folder and clean up the speller folder and tried to login to EngageOne Correspondent. For example, my IPE Cache\speller folder is under C:\Document and Settings\my ID set up for my machine\Local Settings\Temp\IPE Cache\speller. Those are the files needed to be deleted before you log back in to EngageOne Correspondent. Once those file is deleted, and you log back in to EngageOne Correspondent, you should be able to see the newly added word in your spell check under tool.

In order to skip the spell check for the work "POS" and not make corrections, you will need to add the word "POS" in Abbreviations in EO Admin Spell Checker Management (shown in the screen shots), then the Spell Checker in EO Interactive will simply skip the words in “Abbreviations” list of EO Admin.

When click on tool --> spell check from above screen in EO interactive, it simply skip the word POS and tell the spell check is complete.
UPDATED:  August 31, 2017