Installing a license file on the IBMi platform for CODE-1 Plus and MailStream Plus

Products affected:  Code-1 Plus, MailStream Plus™
To install a license on the IBMi platform for CODE-1 Plus, FTP the txt file to g1c1pgms/g1lmnam as ASCII and then run through the install script.  The install is accessed from the Database Functions screen, option 10.  It is always recommended to clear license file before installing a new license.  This is done using the following command:

clrpfm file(g1c1pgms/g1licen) mbr(g1licen)

This will ensure that the license file is completely empty before installing a new license.

The same information applies to installing a MailStream Plus license, except that the default library is g1mspgms instead of g1c1pgms.

UPDATED:  June 11, 2019