How to determine the maximum number of fonts permitted in AFP Output from EngageOne Generate (V5.x and V6.x).

Products Affected:  EngageOne Designer and Generate V5.x V6.x
For AFP output, there is a standard IBM limitation of 128 fonts per print file.

This is not a limitation in configuration in EngageOne Designer\Generate.

When creating AFP Bitmap output, each typeface and point size results in a unique font for each point size, for example:

Arial 10pt regular may produce C00AR10R (either autogenerated name or user defined name)
Arial 11pt regular may produce C00AR11R
Arial 12pt regular may produce C00AR12R

When creating AFP Outline output, it creates one font per typeface, so the three different pointsizes above would result in a single font in the output, for example CZ000ARR, so if the user wants to minimize the number of fonts embedded, then it is recommended to use AFP Outline font format.
UPDATED:  July 13, 2017