Creating a Street Works Annual Inspection Batch and allocating Inspections using Inspection Sampling in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm

The Annual Program Batch utility on Confirm® is used to calculate how many Street Works Inspections should be conducted for a promoter Organisation in a year.  An Annual Program Batch should be run once a year to calculate the number of Inspections that should be done in the coming year.  Confirm will then allocate Sample Inspections against each appropriate utility, throughout the course of the year. The utility can be run more than once a year in a Preview form, but the Save button will only be available once against a fresh Target Year.

To create an annual program follow these steps.
  1. Go to Street Works > Inspection Lookups > Annual Program Batch
  2. This will open the filter
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  1. In Target Finance Year select the financial year to create the Annual Program. If it is not available it needs to be added in the Finance Year lookup.
  2. Finance Year From and To should cover the three year period Confirm will use to calculate your inspection totals.
  3. If creating totals only for specific street works promotor Organisations then carry out this Organisation by Organisation,  specifying in the Promoter Organisation Group each time.
  4. If needing totals for Category A, B and C Inspections, leave the Sample Group field empty, otherwise, select the Group to create totals.
  5. Select OK.
  6. This will present a list of suggested totals for the coming year for the promoter(s) specified.
  7. Select Save to save these totals and it will automatically populate an Annual Program ready to be used.
  8. If do not wish to save these totals immediately, copy the results and paste them into a spreadsheet.
  • The Annual Program Batch uses three years’ worth of data to make the calculation.
  • This functionality looks at Confirmed Inspection Units only, which are set after receiving a Registration notice from a Works Promoter. The figures in Confirm may differ from those in the Works Promoters system if any noticing history is incomplete.
Inspection Sampling

The Inspection Sampling utility will select Street Works from the Street Works library, and the Programmed Inspections library based on the following criteria:
  • The number of Inspections in each Sample Inspection Category, for each Organisation Group, as entered in the Annual Program lookup.
  • The proportion of Inspections that should have been completed to date less the number of Inspections completed or pending, in this year, in each category and for each Organisation Group.
  • A selection will be made of a number of Inspections to allocate Inspections in each Category to the Action Officer provided this doesn’t exceed the number of Inspections entered against the Officer in the Action Officer library.
Note: The Inspection Sampling utility will also delete any expired Inspections for an Officer if the ‘Delete when Expired' checkbox is set ticked against this Inspection Item in the Programmed Inspections form.
UPDATED:  March 9, 2020