How to Safely reinstate a job in EngageOne Vault

e2 Vault 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 6.0, 6.1  All platforms
How do I reinstate a job in e2 Vault after it has been removed?

Assuming that you have the DRD, DRP, and JRN files for a job, you can reinstate it back into the Vault using the following steps:

1) identify the name of the file you want to reinstate.  Typically you can use the name of the .DRP file.  For example, 


2) in Notepad or a similiar text editor, create a new file with one or two blank spaces in it.  It is very important that the file not be completely empty, or you will get error messages.

3) name this file 20131123123453-somejobinthevault-e9df242a6790e34693f26a5ca2195a5b.reinstate

4) Place the .drd / drp/ jrn in the REMOVE folder

5) while the Vault services are running, drop 20131123123453-somejobinthevault-e9df242a6790e34693f26a5ca2195a5b.reinstate into the vault/server/process directory

6) monitor the process log (Vault versions 5.3m5 or lower) or the e2loaderd log (Vault versions 5.4 or higher) and you will see that the files will be moved the the vault/server/removed subdirectory to the appropriate locations in the docdata and pagedata.  The files will also be indexed.

7) once the files are indexed, you can search for the files using a Vault client and they should show up.

If does not work contact support
UPDATED:  August 22, 2019