Mirroring in EngageOne Vault

The Vault load process provides an automated method for mirroring job data from a remote Vault server. When enabled, the mirror process periodically scans a remote server for jobs the remote has but the mirror does not. Missing jobs are copied to the mirror and marked for subsequent indexing. The mirror process uses a global months= option to set a time frame of jobs to consider. Jobs with dates within the range of months are mirrored while older jobs are not. The current machine date should be maintained correctly for this window to work as expected.

To configure the automatic mirror of jobs from a remote server:

Enable and configure [connection2] which is used by the mirror process to connect to the master server. The service parameter should indicate the host name and port of the master e2serverd process.

e2loaderd.ini (on the mirror server)
; enable the connection2 component which is used to connect to the ;master  e2serverd
; set the host name and port of the master server

Enable and configure [mirror1] to set the window of data to scan and mirror. Optionally set a time window and an interval between mirror operations.

e2loaderd.ini (on the mirror server)
; enable the mirror1 component
; check the last 3 months for new jobs to mirror
; mirroring operations should run between 3 am and 11 pm
; wait 1 hour after running one mirror operation before starting the next

Refer section 'ADM Vault replication' in the 'Vault Customizing Guide' shipped as a part of installer for full details.
UPDATED:  February 19, 2020