How to tell if DOC1 Series-3 or Series-4 supported on Windows-7

As listed in the Release Notes, Windows-7 is not a supported OS for any versions of Series-3.x or Series-4.X.
Please remember, the newest version of Series-4, version 4.5 was released in 2004 where Microsoft did not release Windows-7 until July 22, 2009. Microsoft has purposely obsoleted many interfaces back to XP to get people to stop using older versions of software. They were targeting people still using older versions of their software like Microsoft Office 2003 but, their changes impacted all older software products and is outside the control of Pitney Bowes Software. 
You will need to be on Series-5.x version 5.6m0 or any version of Series-6.X for versions of DOC1 supported on Windows-7. Also note, no version of Series-4.X and most versions of Series-5.X are not supported on any 64-bit OS. You would need to be on Series-6.X for 64-bit OS support.
UPDATED:  August 18, 2017