Importing address data into Confirm

Products affected: Confirm
Use the Address Import utility in Confirm® to import the address data file.  The specification for the file is given in the Confirm help file inder section Specifications > Address Data Import Specification (SPC-25-129).

The specification is based on the Ordanance Survey Address-Point® User guide and technical specification.  The document (address-point-user-guide.pdf) to the article and can be downloaded from

Note: On page 20 of the document it says eastings and northings are intergers with up to 8 numbers and are in 0.1m units.  Therefore, if you enter 123456 it is 123456 x 0.1m units so is 12345.6.  This explains why Confirm multiplies the record in the import file by a factor of 10 to display in in the Address Eastings and Address Northings fields on the Address screen.

As of Confirm 19.00, an Import Address Agent has been introduced which allows you to customise the input via an XSL Stylesheet. It also allows you to import this information periodically. Please see the attached specification for more information.
UPDATED:  February 8, 2019