Using Superscript and subscript characters in EngageOne Designer

Product Feature: Document Editor
EngageOne Designer does not have superscripting and subscripting of characters enabled, but within a standard ANSI character map there are 4 superscript characters in the following locations:

00BA = Superscript 0
00B9 = Superscript 1
00B2 = Superscript 2
00B3 = Superscript 3

You can access these through the insert-->Symbol menu in Designer.

You can also insert these characters as follows:
While holding the  ALT-Key, enter one of the following sequences on the number block:
0186 = º
0185 = ¹
0178 = ²
0179 = ³
and then release the ALT-Key.

If other super or subscripted characters are required, a superscript or subscript font will need to be sourced.
UPDATED:  July 9, 2019