How to adjust the Amount of Data Inside the EMSGLOG4J.LOG in EngageOne Digital Delivery, formerly eMessaging

This information should be independent of a customer's environment, except for the performance capability of the server on which eMessaging is installed.
The customer had the log4j.xml parameter, maxFileSize, set at the default of 10MB, which in the customer's case contained about two days worth of logs.  The customer was hoping to be able to change this value to capture a month or two of log data and wanted to know if this was possible.

Although there is not hard limit to how large the value, the bigger it is the more it will affect logging performance. Although it has not been tested, setting that value to a number greater than 50MB would probably have a dramatic and negative effect on performance.

Ideally, you should be able to set this value to around 30MB without creating any issues.  For this particular customer, 30MB is about a week's worth of data.

However, if a customer is not experiencing very many errors and has a stable environment, the following section of the log4j.xml can be modified:

<logger name="com.g1.emessaging">
<level value="DEBUG"/>


<logger name="com.g1.emessaging">
<level value="INFO"/>

This would decrease the amount of information being written to the logs.
*PLEASE NOTE* that this would make diagnosis of certain errors difficult, if not impossible, without switching back to DEBUG mode.

The steps involved would be to stop eMessaging; edit the settings in the log4j.xml file and then restart eMessaging.
UPDATED:  November 8, 2017