Learn possible reason of (Mailpiece file) ingestion failure in EngageOne Inform

Products Affected: EngageOne Inform
The input / job file ingested in the Jobs hot folder with any of the following, then the processing of the job can fail:
  • Some unexpected data in the input/job (or Mailpiece) file.
  • Some error occurred during job file processing. For example timeout received from database server or Message Receiver service stopped unexpectedly.
To recover from failed Job ingestion:
  • If failure occurred due to unexpected data in the job file. That needs to be corrected and re-ingested.
  • If failure occurred due to some environmental factor, either the job can re-ingested or corrected using Tech Note 001 - Manual Reversion of Input Job File and Tech Note 002 - Process Failed Input Job File.pdf

Refer section 'Input File Formats' EngageOne Inform User Guide for detailed information.

UPDATED:  September 17, 2019