Learn to specify a Trigger (Hot) Folder in Aura

File Monitoring Aura enables system users to specify the Hot Folder for processing Verimove/CASS/Nixie Log files. A Trigger (Hot) Folder is the directory that Aura monitors for new output files from your Address Quality software (such as VeriMove). Aura checks this folder every 10 seconds for a new file. If it finds one, it processes the file and then moves it to the Archive directory. If there is a problem processing a file it is moved to the Error directory. If Aura finds multiple files in the folder, each file is processed and moved to the Archive directory.

Following are the steps to specify a Trigger (Hot) Folder in Aura:
1. Using a web browser, log in to Aura using a user ID with administrative rights.
2. Click the Admin tab.
3. Click File Monitor.
4. Click the coder, VeriMove, CASS, or Nixie to specify a trigger (Hot) folder.
5. Specify the directory that will contain the output file from the coder. The Browse button allows to browse to a location.

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NOTE: The trigger folder must be a local folder on the server running Aura. It cannot be a mapped drive or other remote location. Plan should not be scheduled from Aura Scheduler and AuraFMS at the same time.
UPDATED:  September 19, 2017