Submitting a Software and Data Product enhancement request

Products Affected:  All
To submit an enhancement request for any Software and Data product, users must first register for an account via one of the following services: If you already have an account, or have since registered for one of these services, you can then login to the dedicated Software and Data Product Ideas website

After login, you are presented with a list of ideas sorted by either RecentTrending, or Popular counts.  You can also search the site for existing ideas by using the search bar on the right hand side of the page. If you find an idea, you can then up vote it if you'd like to add your agreement that this idea would benefit the product.  If there are no existing ideas, you can then create an enhancement request via the Add a new idea button on the left side of the page.  Remember registered users submitting new ideas or commenting on existing ideas are visible and transparent to all participants.
User-added image  
  1. The Add a new idea button will begin the process of creating an enhancement request.
  2. Next choose a product via the dropdown
  3. Next, enter a one sentence summary of the idea
  4. Then provide a detailed explanation of the idea including a demonstrable Use Case.  You can attach any pertinent files in this dialog as well. 
  5. Click the Share idea button to submit your idea
Screenshot of the Add a new idea functionality

Other Ideas users will now have the ability to vote for your submitted enhancement idea. PB Product Management will review popular ideas and evaluate their potential for inclusion in our short and long-term development plans.
UPDATED:  May 7, 2020