Installing CODE-1 Plus databases on the z/OS platform

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus
Operating System: z/OS
Once the database files are downloaded to a PC, each file will have to be FTP'd to the mainframe.   The JCL member C1PALOCF should be used to allocate the file on the mainframe (each database has its own ALOCF JCL member - C1PALOCF is for the US Postal database). This JCL member also has the FTP step although you can use your own FTP method. The C1PDBIND JCL is then used to install the database (again, each database has its own DBIND JCL member - C1PDBIND is for the US Postal database). These JCL members are located in the instalib created during CODE-1 Plus installation.
UPDATED:  June 24, 2019