Updating a table of polygons or regions with Area in MapInfo Pro

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro™
Note: The table being updated must be a mappable, editable table.

Open the Table to be updated in MapInfo Pro and navigate to Table>Maintenance>Table> Modify Structure and add a field called Area_in_Miles, etc. and with a numeric data type such as integer, Float or Decimal.
(If the "add field"/"remove field" buttons are not present, then the table is not editable and user should make a copy of the table in Pro via Home > Save > Save Copy As and open the copy to perform the update.)

User-added image
Then navigate to Table > Edit > Update Column.
Select the Table as both the "Table to Update" and the "Get Value From Table".
Select the Area_in_Miles field added previously as the "Column to Update".

Click the Assist button and Select Area from the Function list and click OK.
Click OK to update the table and then save your update (Home > Save > Save Table).
Note the update uses the default system settings for Area Units.

User-added image

Note: the units chosen are those set as the default at the System Settings dialog -
(Pro > System Settings)

Here the default for Area is "square miles":

User-added image

If the desired Area update was needed in a different unit such as Square Kilometers, then select the desired unit at the System Preferences dialog before running the update. The units can also be manually edited in the Update dialog by changing "sq mi" to "sq km", for example.

Here's a screenshot showing the browser after running the area update to 2 different columns, one in "sq mi" and the other in  "sq km":

User-added image

Note that functions such as sum and average can be viewed by opening Table>Calculate > Calculate Statistics.
This displays the statistics for the current selection.

UPDATED:  December 2, 2019