How long does the USPS deliver to old style addresses which have gone through LACSLink conversion using CODE-1 Plus and Finalist?

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus, Finalist

The Postal Service will deliver to old style addresses for one year after LACSLink conversion goes into effect.  For instance, when a Rural Route address gets converted to a street style record (123 Main St), once the conversion takes place, the Rural Route will remain on the US Postal database for one year.  After one year, the Rural Route will drop off and only the street style record will remain as the valid address.

The LACSLink feature provides an automated method of obtaining new addresses when:

  • a 911 emergency system has been implemented to convert rural-style Addresses to city-style addresses.
  • a street address has been renamed or renumbered.

It is important to keep your data updated with the latest address information.  It is highly recommended that the LACSlink feature is used in CODE-1 Plus and Finalist.
UPDATED:  June 24, 2019