Updating the Verimove Site Support key, NCOALink key or Serial number

Products Affected:  Verimove
Platform:  Windows
To update the Verimove Site Support key through the Verimove GUI:

1)  Click on the Verimove icon on your desktop.
2)  Go to the toolbar, click on Tools
3)  Click on Options
4)  Click on NCOALink
5)  On the Registration Tab, click EDIT beside the Site Support field.
6)  Enter in new keys

If unable to update through the Verimove GUI or through the config.ini; here are the instructions to update using the regedit command:

1)  Start > Run
2)  Type regedit
3)  Under My Computer, go to
      \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pitney Bowes Software Systems\ForwardTrak\2.0
4)  Find SiteRptGenKey, NCOALinkKey and/or SerialNumber
5)  Highlight the key
6)  Right click > Modify
7)  Enter in key
UPDATED:  July 8, 2020