Upgrading EngageOne Generate in EngageOne Server using JBoss

To upgrade EngageOne Generate (formerly DOC1Gen) within EngageOne Server, follow the steps below:
  1. Back up the original doc1gen directory and keep in a safe place. This directory is located at <EngageOne install path>\server\doc1gen.
  2. Copy doc1gen-servermode.ops file from <EngageOne install path>\server\doc1gen and keep it in a temporary place to reuse with the new version.
  3. If using an append.dca file, make a backup copy of that as well.
  4. Remove all content of the <EngageOne install path>\server\doc1gen folder.
  5. Copy the entire content of the newly distributed doc1gen to <EngageOne install path>\server\doc1gen. The final content of the doc1gen directory should have all the new DLLs and executables directly under <EngageOne install path>\server\doc1gen.
  6. Copy the original saved copy of the doc1gen-servermode.ops file from step 2 to the <EngageOne install path>\server\doc1gen. Replace any that may exist.
  7. Create a backup of your deployed EngageOne.ear and keep in a safe place
  8. Update the 'DOC1GenVersion' version within a new copy of the deployed EngageOne by updating the EngageOne.ear\eadmin.war\EngageOneVersion.xml to include the new version of doc1gen.
  9. Repackage EngageOne.ear with the newly updated EngageOneVersion.xml and redeploy the application to the target server(s).

Repackaging of the war and ear files is elaborated below:

Updating the version of DOC1GEN in EO Admin | System Information

  1. Stop JBoss
  2. Go to C:\Program Files\PBBI CCM\EngageOne\server\jboss folder and locate the ‘EngageOne.ear’ file.
  3. Using 7-zip [http://www.7-zip.org/], extract the file
  4. In the extract, locate for the file ‘eadmin.war
  5. Open this file using 7-zip
  6. Locate the XML file: ‘EngageOneVersion.xml
  7. Open the XML file and edit the version of 'DOC1GenVersion' and save. This should save the XML file in the extract itself.
  8. Copy the updated 'eadmin.war' file into the original 'EngageOne.ear' file
  9. Copy and replace the 'EngageOne.ear' file in C:\Program Files\PBBI CCM\EngageOne\server\jboss folder
  10. Copy and replace the 'EngageOne.ear' file in C:\<JBoss install directory>\server\default\deploy folder.
  11. Restart JBoss

EngageOneVersion.xml also contains the information about the version of EngageOne and the ActiveX component, and this is the version that will show in the Admin console, so if you need this to correctly reflect the versions of these modules in use, then this file may need to be modified.
UPDATED:  July 9, 2019