What is the difference between Enhanced Street Name Matching (ESM) and All Street Matching (ASM) in CODE-1 Plus

Products Affected:   CODE-1 Pluls
Enhanced Street Name matching (ESM) uses the “street database matching” database (C1STRDB) which contains street names sorted in alphabetical order within a locality.  All street names within a locality that start with the same letter as the input street name are compared to the input street.  The street name that most closely matches the input street name can be determined.
All-street matching (ASM) also uses the C1STRDB database, however, ASM searches EVERY street in a locality instead of just the streets that start with the same first letter as the input street name.
For the majority of cases, turning on ASM will return the highest percentage of address matches.
To turn on ESM or ASM using the C1BM00 batch driver, either pass an S (ESM) or an A (ASM) in position 51 of the CONFIG parameter; using our on-line interactive, you can type ESM or ASM on the command line to toggle these options on and off; calling our C1MATCHx program from your own application, pass an S (ESM) or an A (ASM) in P9IN field P9ISSM.

UPDATED:  July 26, 2019