Inconsistent results printing or viewing in Designer when using shading or pie charts which require GOCA

10/25/18 -MJD -   Updated title and updated keywords.  
The user is encountering inconsistent results printing / viewing Doc1 created pie charts in AFP 300/600.  Sometimes the legend and the pie shades do not correspond.  Sometimes it will work on the printer, but in an AFP viewer, different shades or patterns display in the pie pieces.

Series 5 - AFP Shading Output types in DOC1GEN Versions
AFP Shading for Shaded objects for AFP 300 and 600 resolutions behaves differently in different versions of Series 5.
From 5.0 to 5.1M6 inclusive the AFP 300/600 shading pattern used is "IM" image shading.
Because of problems with this initial shading implementation for 300/600 resolutions, the image shading was changed from "IM" shading to "GOCA" shading in versions 5.1M7 onward for these resolutions.
It became apparent as customers used this shading type that the GOCA shading while providing a consistent level of shading for some shading percentages, has several WYSIWYG problems, leading to inaccurate results on many AFP Printers
In version 5.3M1 onwards , the DEFAULT for AFP 300 / AFP600 remains at GOCA shading, however, revised "IM" shading was introduced from this version onwards , fixing the original reported problem.
This is configurable in  5.3M1 onwards  using the following OPS parameter when running DOC1GEN:
Version 5.4 onwards uses the "IM" shading as Default.
5.4 introduces a "GOCA" shading option for the OPS file:
AfpUseGocaForShading =YES
Which should be used for those who require GOCA.

In version 6.x of Designer, there are options for shading in the output device settings, where the user can choose between "Avoid", "Always" and "Optimise" (for all resolutions):

Avoid - Use simple image shading
Always - Use GOCA shading for all objects
Optimise - Use either image or GOCA shading based on object or resolution
5.0GA, 5.1GA, 5.1M1, 5.1M2, 5.1M3, 5.1M4, 5.1M5, 5.1M6, 5.2"IM" IMAGE SHADINGNO
5.3M1 and onwardsGOCA SHADING OR "IM" IMAGE SHADINGYES - USING OPS "<Custom>AfpUseImagesForShading."
1) AFP240 has been and continues to use "IM" Image Shading in all Versions of Series 5 .
2)  The above 300/600  DOC1GEN OPS setting option does NOT Apply to DOC1GEN AFP Output where the Designer AFPDS Output Device option "Color support" is set to "24 bit RGB" or "32 bit CMYK"
UPDATED:  November 7, 2018