How to determine why Canadian CODE-1 Plus drops the alpha character after the house number but Canada Post returns a match

Products Affected:  Canadian CODE-1 Plus

As an example, the following address returns a match on the Canada Post lookup site but not in Canadian CODE-1 Plus. The B in house number 712B is being dropped in Canadian CODE-1 Plus:
712B Coverdale Rd
Riverview NB E1B 0E2


The Canada Post (CPC) lookup tool does not use PoCAD (point-of-call) data.  It uses PCAD (range based data) which is the same data Canadian CODE-1 Plus uses for the interactive (batch does use PoCAD data).   The lookup tool is not required to follow SERP rules as it is simply a look-up tool.   The official SERP rule is that if there is a single house range on the database, for example 712 Coverdale Rd, and it is a record by itself, then the only valid house number is 712 and the B is dropped.  If the house number is in a range, for instance 714-748, and there are no specified suffixes, then any house number in this range, such as 714B will be valid as it is part of a range record, not a single house number record.


UPDATED:  August 23, 2017