How to migrate a project out of DFW

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I no longer want to use Doc1 for Workgroups.  I want to get my project(s) out of the DFW Workgroups environment so that they are no longer depending on Microsoft Visual Sourcesafe (which Microsoft no longer supports) and into the regular Doc1 environment.  How can I accomplish this?

In DFW the standard way to export a project is to create a snapshot for that project.  Then you can use the standalone utility GZIXFR to extract the project from the utility and open it in Doc1 outside of the Workgroups environment.  You can make edits and save changes.

However, if you are using Split document objects in your project, you will not be able to build E-files successfully.  This is a serious limitation, but you can work around it by Merging your document objects prior to creating the Snapshot.

STEPS for exporting the project away from Workgroups:

1) log into Workgroups
2) Make sure that all changes to the project in question are saved and checked in
3) Check out the entire project
4) perform "get latest" on the entire project to make sure that all files are in the working folder
5) open the "document objects" section of the project.
6) right click on each folder nested beneath document Objects, and select "Merge."  If the Merge is successful the nested folder should disappear, to be replaced by its corresponding LOL file.
7) When all the nested folders are gone, ensure that there is an LOL file for each folder
8) Check in the project
9) Create a snapshot of the now altered project
10) Use GZIXFR to extract files from the snapshot.  You should now be able to use these files in Doc1 outside of the Workgroups environment, including edits, saves, and building the E-Files.

Notes on MERGE from DFW online help:
Use Merge to combine the individual Document Objects associated with a CAT file into a Document Object Library (LOL). All projects referencing the document objects will be updated to reflect the change. This option is reversible by selecting the Split function
To merge individual document objects:
1. Check the document objects' CAT library out of the repository.
Right click the CAT library folder in the Navigator and select Check Out from the pop-up menu.
2. Merge the CAT library and its LDO document objects.
Select Edit/Merge or select Merge from the pop-up menu. The CAT and LDO files are merged into a LOL file with the same name as the CAT file.


Note that if you do this each project becomes its own standalone application, no longer sharing fonts, document objects, etc.
UPDATED:  October 18, 2017