How to Embed Images in PS Output for DOC1 Generate

Product Feature: DOC1GEN
This can be achieved by using doc1rpu to "mark images for formspace".

This is run on the HIP file produced during the publish phase, to create a new HIP, and this HIP, when run with Doc1gen will place a single copy of the image in the formspace of the Postscript file, and will reference this each time the image is used, rather than placing it inline whenever it is used.

This is covered in detail in the Programmer's Guide, but in summary, this is how you would run this:

Messages=messaget.dat (this is part of the standard Generate installation pack)
InputHip=Filename (the name of the HIP file produced by your publish routine)
OutputHip=Filename (the name of the HIP file produced by this doc1rpu process)


MarkForFormSpace={ALL|NONE|ResName} (all is obviously all images, none is no images, ResName is individual imaages)

The RPU process will confirm which images have been marked for formspace
(whether this is all images, or individual images).

You then run Doc1Gen as normal on the output HIP file produced from this process.
UPDATED:  October 25, 2017