Moving the location of the EngageOne Active-drive

Here are the steps to move the EngageOne® Active-drive (version 3.x):
1) Backup EngageOne according to the EngageOne Administration Guide (see “Backup and restore” under “Managing your EngageOne environment” section). 
2) Process all pending delivery items.
3) To verify all existing documents have been delivered, run the following SQL query and check that the query result is 0 (zero):
select count(*)
select requeststatusid from tds_requests where requeststatusid not in
(4,6)union all
select requeststatusid from tds_requestchannels where requeststatusid not
in (4, 6)
) requeststatuses
4) Stop all processing (no batch process should be running) as well as all Interactive Correspondent users should be signed off.
5) Copy the entire active-drive folder to the new location.
6) In the EngageOne
® Administration – Disk Configuration, change the “Shared Path:” value to the new active-drive folder location.
7) Restart the application server.

Optional: Purge may be run after processing all pending delivery items to minimize the Active-drive before it is copied.

For Version 4.4, the following process should be followed:

1) Ensure there is no current jobs being processed, and stop EngageOne services
2) Copy the entire active-drive folder to the new location
3) Modify to reflect the new location of the active-drive
4) Re-run the configure steps for all the bundles
5) Restart the EngageOne® services

UPDATED:  July 20, 2018