How to enable "Single Sign On" for Design Studio using OS user in Sagent

Product Feature: Sagent Design Studio

Operating System: Windows 2008, Windows 7



  1. The User should be authenticated on LDAP server.
  2. LDAP server should be configured for the repository.

Perform below steps

  1. 'Sign in' to OS using LDAP user say " User A"
  2. Configure LDAP in a Sagent repository
  3. Import "User A" into the Sagent repository
  4. Login to design studio using the user "User A"
  5. Open the Tools->Options dialog
  6. Select the "Don't prompt for login info"(single sign-on) checkbox.
  7. Close Design studio.
  8. Now for single sign-on to work for "User A" Sign into the OS using "User A".
  9. Launch Design studio by double clicking on "design studio icon".
  10. Signing in for "User A" into Design Studio is automatic. No login dialog pops up.
UPDATED:  March 27, 2017