Font displaying as triangles in Designer

Operating System: Windows 7
When you Import a Host Font (AFP, Metacode , IJPDS) then Designer creates a Windows (.ttf) Display font for use in the Editor ONLY.

The “Triangles / Mountains” are Windows way of saying “This character doesn’t exist” , which is exactly correct for the Content of the Pseudo Windows Font we create for Imported Host Fonts.

This Designer Windows Font is intended for DESIGN Only and is the direct sibling of the Imported Host Font.
The contents of this Windows Font are not suitable for Direct Publishing to ANY other Printstream other than the one you imported from

If you do wish to do that i.e Run “PDF” or “eHTML” Preview, then you need to set up a Resource Font Mapping from the Imported Windows Design Font to a REAL Windows Font where the Typeface (Character “look” and spacing) Matches.

Example PDF Resource Map Steps:
1)Create a New Resource Map and open it
2)In the Resource Map PDF Font Section Add A New Mapping from the Imported Design Font Name and Map to an equivalent Real Windows Font
3)Save and Close the Font Mapping and the Resource Map
4)In the “Default PDF” Device , select the “Resource Map” Page and update the Selected Resource Map from “Default Resource Map” to your Custom Resource Map
5)Save and Close the PDF Device
6)Preview for PDF and you will see the replacement “Real” Windows Font 

Alternatively, many customer have been successful with the method below:

Disable font smoothing by uncheck "Smooth edges of screen fonts" in "Control Panel->System->Advanced system settings -> Performance Settings->Visual Effects. 

or change the value of the following registry key from 2 to 1: 

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] 
UPDATED:  April 26, 2017