How to get the complete EngageOne Server version from the log file

If you need the complete EngageOne Server version, and have only the system out log file, you can get the version from that file.

Just search for the keyword: "ApplicationVersion", and you will see an entry similar to this:

[5/14/13 14:59:51:796 CEST] 0000000c SystemOut O ApplicationVersion:GA-
[5/14/13 14:59:51:796 CEST] 0000000c SystemOut O ActiveXVersion:6.0.1355.0
[5/14/13 14:59:51:797 CEST] 0000000c SystemOut O DOC1GenVersion:6.0.1355.0

Please note that, as explained in KB article 000002846 the Doc1GenVersion shown here will only show the default version of Generate distributed with EngageOne unless the value has been updated by hand.
UPDATED:  October 25, 2017