How to avoid an extra pushpin caused by a paragraph in templates in EngageOne

The customer is calling Active Content via an Active Content Group.

Within each Active Content they have multiple Editable Text objects, each with several paragraph objects that uses a hard return for line termination.

Each paragraph shows up in the Interactive Correspondent as a push-pin. When the end-user deletes the contents of a single paragraph, there remains a push-pin place holder that create
 a space even though the Editable Text is empty. The customer would like to remove the space from the blank Editable Text.
This was a design issue as an empty Editable Text still needs to have a push-pin in the Interactive Correspondent to use as a placeholder if the end-user so chooses to enter text.

The workaround is to use a single Editable Text object in each Active Content and then use soft returns to terminate each paragraph. This allowed the Interactive Correspondent end-user to delete some of the paragraphs without a extra line for empty Editable Text.
UPDATED:  October 25, 2017