Finding the System ID for Finalist on a Windows platform

Products Affected:  Finalist
Operating System:  Windows 
Invalid System ID can occur if the provided System IDs using the ipconfig /all command are incorrect or if a virtual machine is in use (in which case, this is not the true physical machine ID).

In order to find the System ID, you can use the 'ipconfig /all' command from a dos prompt.  However, the best way to guarantee the System ID(s) is to use the KEYSTORE command.

1)  Through a dos prompt, maneuver to the \bin directory where the Finalist product is installed (default is c:\Program Files\Pitney Bowes\Finalistxxx).

2)  Type in 'keystore'

3)  The keystore command will provide you with the System Tag(s).  System Tag(s) are the equivalent of System ID(s)

Using Keystore to find System ID(s)
UPDATED:  June 26, 2019